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Aquatic Therapy

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Dear Co-designers, Consumers and Collaborators of the STARRT Toolkit,


It is with great joy and gratitude that we are now officially launching the Stroke Toolkit for Aquatic Rehabilitation and Recreation Therapy ( Feel free to disseminate to your teams and network as well as your clients and peers with stroke experience.


Please note that the website address changed to, where you can find updated content including an introductory video to the STARRT Toolkit. The video may also be accessed on YouTube in the Sunnybrook Channel:, which you may use for dissemination.


We will follow the dissemination strategy suggested by the national stakeholders in our latest meetings. If you think someone or an organization may benefit from the STARRT content, please share the STARRT freely!


This is an open-ended project which will be continuously updated with additional funding and support!


For now, we are grateful for the project we have at hand, and most of all, grateful for your crucial partnership on this important initiative to facilitate access to aquatic therapy and recreation across Canada!


If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


It was a great pleasure to work with you all!


Let’s get STARRTed!


Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


Andresa and the St. John’s Rehab Research Team


Andresa R. Marinho Buzelli (she/her)

Research Associate

St. John's Rehab Research Program | Sunnybrook Research Institute


St. John's Rehab, 285 Cummer Avenue, Room B104, Toronto, ON M2M 2G1P: 416-226-6780 ext. 57320

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